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Get a Commercial Flooring Wollongong Company for the Best Flooring Options

Whenever you think of commercial flooring, the first thing that comes to your mind is the durability. You will want the floors to be durable enough because there will be high traffic all the time. The floors that you see in restaurants or schools or hospitals are quite different from the ones you see at home. These floors are meant to last for a long time and if you see a commercial flooring Wollongong company, you will find a range of options. Here are some of the floors that you can choose from:

  • Quarry tiles – this is amazing for restaurants. You will find them in kitchens and restaurants because they can withstand spills, grease, and a hell lot of foot traffic. These tiles are made from hard-fired clay and one of the reasons why commercial flooring Wollongong companies promote them so much is that it goes easy on your pocket. They are the cheap but durable floors that you so often look for. TD Flooring is one of the renowned companies that offer quarry tiled floors at very pocket-friendly prices.
  • Rubber flooring – a very common type of flooring that you will find in gyms, these are easy to install, comes at a very reasonable price, and also last for a long time. Although there will be a slightly rubbery smell after its installation, it will go away in a few hours and you will be left with a sound absorbent and slip-resistant floor that will be perfect for high traffic areas like gyms and hospitals.
  • Terrazzo – terrazzo is the hands down leader for durable flooring options. It is both aesthetically versatile and you can also have custom logos printed on it to give a better look. You will often find the logo of a company imprinted on the floor as soon as you walk in through the huge main door. That is a classic example of a terrazzo floor. Since it is highly durable, the total lifetime cost goes down because you don’t have to worry about changing the floor in the next few decades. That is why the cost of these floors is slightly more than the others. But if you compare commercial flooring Wollongong companies with TD Flooring, you will want to choose the services of the latter because they provide these floors at a lower price than anyone else.
  • Luxury vinyl tile -LVT flooring has created tremors in the flooring industry because of its popularity. It is durable, it goes easy on your pocket, and it looks amazing after installation. To add a feather to its cap, it supports heavy traffic very efficiently. That is why many upscale restaurants use LVT floors as they are the most versatile of them all.

There will be many commercial flooring Wollongong companies but you need to hire the one that offers a wide range of floors at a reasonable price. That company is TD Flooring. You can visit take a look at for more details about the types of commercial flooring options.